Why Cultural Intelligence Matters

Why Cultural Fluency Matters

Top brands secure their competitive advantage by developing deep, data-driven cultural fluency to uncover the “why” behind consumer behavior and loyalty.

Cultural Fluency Opportunities Created by Cultural Transformation

Top brands drive Brand Love and accelerate business growth by developing cultural fluency.

  • 65%+

    Expenditure growth driven by ~140M multicultural Americans

  • 50%+

    Gen Z are multicultural consumers – and 28% identify as LGBTQ+

  • $10-20

    Trillion dollars of investable assets controlled by women by 2030

  • 72%

    Consumers who think brands should engage in social issues

  • 20%

    Americans live in rural areas, impacting shopping behaviors

Understand Cultural Expressions & Origins for Cultural Fluency

Culture comes from the deeply shared values and beliefs that drive our experiences and decisions. Culture feels most real in its expressions:

  • How we communicate and connect
  • The games we play
  • Our faith, rituals and observances
  • Our fashion, music and art
  • The objects in our home
  • Our homes, cities and landscapes themselves

But culture also depends on origins: the demographic identities and the shared attitudes that result. Cultural origins are the source of meaning behind cultural expressions and a critical component of cultural fluency.

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Your Cultural Fluency Roadmap

Use Collage’s cultural intelligence platform to assess your brand, understand the deepest "why" and achieve cultural fluency for accelerated business growth.

  1. Recognize that consumers demand cultural fluency. Our research found that 67% of consumers feel brands don’t conduct sufficient research when it comes to authentically representing the diversity of every demographic in advertising.
  2. Make culture a core component of your strategic approach. Top brands recognize today’s consumers are not a monolith and are intrinsically diverse.
  3. Leverage culturally-focused data and insights. Leading brands don’t rely on anecdote. They combine in-culture expertise with deep analytics to decipher and navigate cultural complexity and nuance.
  4. Drive ROI with the Halo Effect. Top brands use cultural specifics to appeal to specific diverse segments in ways that also win with broader audiences.

With cultural fluency, you accelerate business growth for both the immediate and long term.

Download the Roadmap

Assess. Understand. Act.

By diving into key culture-based data and insights on the fastest growing segments from the beginning, brands build in a competitive advantage into their growth strategies, creative briefs, advertising effectiveness, media buying and new product development. Cultural fluency translates into enduring growth. To learn more, download our CMO Whitepaper.

  • Brand

    How well does your brand resonate with different consumer segments – and why?

  • Brand

    Are user experience and performance strong enough across all segments to generate positive word of mouth?

  • Competitive

    What are your brand’s strengths among different segments; and what weaknesses do you need to address?

  • Ad & Media

    Are you developing culturally-relevant ads from the beginning of the process? Or do you modify later and spend media dollars to test?

  • Identify
    Segment Gaps

    Which growing consumer segments have affinity, relevance, fit or trust for your brand but have not yet purchased?

  • Untapped Opportunities

    What emerging trends align with your brand’s values? What is your brand’s differentiation based on cultural traits?

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