The Science of Culture

How Race & Ethnicity, Generation, Gender & Sexuality, and Parent-Child Relationships Impact Culture

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Proprietary Survey Methodology

Our syndicated research gets to the heart of our client’s largest challenges, for every demographic we cover.

Central to our research is our consumer insights survey process.  Over ten years we have developed proprietary approaches to sampling, quota management, and weighting that gives us superior insight into variation in consumer response across demographics. The majority of our surveys use a representative sample of about 3,000 consumers, with significant multicultural, Hispanic acculturation, Gen Z and Millennial oversample.

Filling out research methodology at Collage Group
Cultural Attributes

Cultural Attributes

How do we develop the fact-based view of cultural difference essential to creating cultural fluency?

Through repeated surveys of thousands of consumers, we have uncovered the cultural profiles of ethnic and generational segments along six distinct cultural attributes, such as Exceptionalism, Rootedness and Compliance. Our clients use these foundational insights to leverage cross-over effects in general market campaigns while better targeting their dedicated campaigns to specific segments.

Cultural Group Traits

To help brands develop the campaigns needed to connect to each segment, we have developed a quantitative profiling methodology that identifies the unique traits of each segment.

This methodology enables our clients to leverage the power of traits like Self-Expression, Optimism and Social Harmony to activate Black, Hispanic and Asian-American consumers.  Contact us to understand how to increase your cultural fluency through the power of Group Traits to deepen cultural connection.

Multicultural group traits
Data science chart

Data Science & Analytics

We go beyond building a database of insights to scan continuously for cause and effect.

Why are certain ads and brands more culturally fluent than others?  What are the cultural profiles of individuals more likely to choose your brand over others?  How can clients leverage these insights, for example in lookalike marketing and digital customer acquisition?  Contact us to learn more about how our data and insights can transform the success of your marketing campaigns.  

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Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, bilingual Qualitative and Quantitative research teams.

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