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Moving beyond total market strategy is essential for engaging with today's consumer landscape. By focusing on what's important to the consumer, Collage Group's Passion Points research fuels at-scale personalization that could deliver immense growth to your brand.

What Are Passion Points?

Passion Points are the activities and areas in life of deep interest to consumers. They are the “things” that people prioritize when spending their time, money, and attention. And, they are concrete expressions of culture. Collage’s Passion Point research offers deep insight into four audiences we know Americans care deeply about. This work offers brands and marketers important tools to win diverse consumer segments. 

How Do Passion Points Help Brands Engage With American Consumers?

Brands use Passion Points to both extend reach and deepen connection with America’s diverse consumers, across race and ethnicity, generation, sexual identity and gender. These activations can vary, from authentic creative and brand positioning to partnerships and sponsorships. In all cases, Passion Point research provides critical insight for understanding which activations will be most successful.

Passion Points by Audience


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Asian Americans are passionate about cooking and traveling on overseas adventures and share a unique passion for fitness and exercise. Cooking traditional recipes connects Asian Americans with their cultural backgrounds. They say they love to travel internationally both to connect with their heritage and to have new cultural experiences. And, they choose a variety of ways to be active–but similar to most Americans, walking wins. 


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Black Americans feel at home when cooking and baking in their kitchens. Many have fond memories of learning how to cook and bake at a young age from their relatives. Black Americans also like to travel, especially to new destinations, but prefer to travel domestically. Yet, they are still adventurous and enjoy traveling out of their comfort zone. Many Black Americans are dedicated sports fans, and Black athletes are often leaders “on and off the field.” Black athletes are heroes in their communities, and many are vocal about social and political issues that matter to Black consumers. 


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Hispanic Americans are interested in cooking and baking. Cooking allows this segment to not only connect with family but to connect with their culture as well. Bicultural and Unacculturated Hispanic Americans are especially keen to cook and bake, connecting to family and culture. Hispanic Americans also enjoy the warm social aspect of cooking and baking to build relationships. Hispanic Americans also like to travel, especially Unaccelerated and Gen Z Hispanic Americans. Much of Hispanic Americans’ travel is around traveling with or visiting family. 

Gen Z

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Gen Z wants to explore the world, especially those who are 13-17. They desire fun and adventurous vacations and travel internationally. They are only second to Millennials in having this extreme desire for travel. However, Gen Z is less likely to be adventurous with food since many still live with their parents. But, older Gen Z are more interested in trying new foods. However, 49% of Gen Z follow chefs and food influencers. They also prefer cooking dishes that are viral and easy to make. 


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Millennials now make up the majority of parents with kids under 18. Their identity is evolving as racial identity, and deciding whether to become a parent (or not) is a big focus. Many Millennials are embracing marketing addressing race and ethnicity. However, when it comes to family, many millennials decide to have children later in life or not at all. They also welcome diversity and seek out learning about other cultures and ideas by prioritizing new experiences. 


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Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ market research and consumer trends help brands engage the LGBTQ+ community, a growing segment that skews young and has tremendous buying power. LGBTQ+ Americans like socializing when eating. They prefer sharing food and consider family as people who feel close to them (and not necessarily related). Video games and sports also provide many LGBTQ+ Americans with a sense of close community, using the experience to socialize and build relationships. Although many LGBTQ+ Americans follow sports, they are more likely to host sports-viewing parties for their family and friends, further building relationships with those close to them. LGBTQ+ Americans also like to seek out adventure and use fashion as a form of self-expression. 


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Women are less likely to enjoy cooking than men, but Multicultural Women still like to cook and bake. Baking, especially, allows Multicultural Women to connect with their heritage. Multicultural Women also love traveling to connect with their heritage and family. They also want to be immersed in local culture when traveling. Hispanic and Asian women, in particular, love learning about local culture. 


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Brands have the rare chance to realize a 2-for-1 opportunity when they connect with parents of teenagers. Not only do they get the parents’ eyes and attention, they also have an opportunity to begin winning the teens’ loyalty. Connecting with parents and teenagers presents an exciting opportunity for brands, but it comes with challenges. Speaking cross-generational language fluently is key to engagement: follow the lead into the digital spaces parents of teenagers inhabit and better understand their priorities, hopes, and dreams.

Pinpoint The Passions of Your Winning Segment

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Gen Z Passion Points

What matters most to Gen Z consumers? Collage Group’s latest Generational Passion Points study includes key insights into Hispanic consumers to enhance brand engagement and activation.

Hispanic Passion Points

Hispanic Passion Points

What matters most to Hispanic consumers? Collage Group’s latest Multicultural Passion Points study includes key insights into Hispanic consumers to enhance brand engagement and activation.

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