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Refine how you are targeting and engaging across diverse consumer segments with our deep dive into digital and media use.

Media is a major aspect of consumers’ everyday lives. Whether it’s social media, video, or audio content, Americans dedicate a significant amount of time and attention in the media sphere. This keen area of focus across consumer segments presents an awesome opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. But to do this efficiently and effectively, brands need to understand where people are going to consume media content, and why they’re going there. 

Collage Group has the answers in our Digital & Media report that includes consumer research on digital and media content consumption by Americans across race/ethnicity, generation, sexuality, and gender. This series digs deeper into traditional and new media channels, including social media and video streaming platforms, as well as the role of social media influencers across platforms. In this report, you will also find consumer research on reception to advertising on video, audio and other channels, as well as preferences for engagement on social media.


Not only are multicultural Americans more likely to use social media, they’re also more likely to be power users, engaging with brands and products alongside friends and family. Access these insights and much more on Multicultural digital and media consumption.


Did you know younger generations are more likely to subscribe to a video streaming platform just for one show, which explains why they use so many platforms. Access this insight and much more on Generational digital and media consumption.


LGBTQ+ visual media viewers of all ages use significantly more video streaming platforms per person, on average, than Non-LGBTQ+ viewers.​ Access this insight and much more on LGBTQ+ digital and media consumption.

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Women visit social media sites to keep up with friends and family significantly more than men. Further, when it comes to visual media consumption, younger women (18-40) watch cable TV the least and stream video content the most. Access these insights and much more on digital and media consumption by Gender.

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