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Collage Group’s Asian market research and consumer trends help brands engage Asian American consumers, a fast-growing segment with tremendous buying power.

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What are the major characteristics of Asian American Consumers?

There are 15 million Asian Americans that are 21 years old or older, and this segment is incredibly diverse, hailing from countries across the continent of Asia.

Asian American adults take pride in being both Asian and American but are highly attuned to the complexity of navigating these two aspects of their identity. You can drive relevance with Asian American Consumers by showcasing how your brand helps 21+ Asian Americans navigate two cultures, including how you can help them attain the balance they are striving for. Collage Group’s Asian market research goes deep into the consumer traits, passion points and trends across various Asian American consumer groups, both foreign-born and U.S.-born, including Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese and Korean.

The Asian segment has strong connection to the US and its opportunities

The Latest in Asian American Consumer Insights

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