Generations Cultural Intelligence Program

Access audience insights to understand and engage the attitudes, behaviors and values of all generational segments: Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer.

The U.S. demographic landscape is transforming, with more than 160 million Gen Z and Millennial consumers representing almost half the total population and driving more than 100% of U.S. population growth. Gen Z is by far the largest generation in American history and is the last generation to be majority white (and only by 1-2%). The youngest generation, Gen Alpha, is emerging as the first majority-minority generation, with 48% of the segment identifying as non-Hispanic White. 

Key Elements of our Generations Program

    • Consumer Essentials – Uncover insights and effective executions with data-driven measures of cultural variation.
    • Passion Points – Explore music, food, sports, media and other passions.
    • Category Insights – Spotlight timely, emerging generational trends by industry.​
    • Brand & Ad Testing – Assess the cultural fluency of brands and ads.
    • Strategic Frameworks – Apply strategic frameworks to prioritize the steps required to drive growth and market share.
Younger generations are at the center of the multicultural shift

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Gen Z Consumers - Reducing the Complexity

Gen Z Market Research

Like Millennials, Gen Z consumers are highly invested in their beliefs and passions and orient toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations.

Millenial Market Research

From the Great Recession, COVID to inflation, Millennials have faced a unique set of circumstances that have shaped their financial status and buying behavior.

New Wave Market Research

The New Wave includes both Millennial and older Gen Z consumers who represent an intrinsically diverse market segment of consumers born 1980 – 2004. 

The Latest in Generational Consumer Trends

Drive Brand Relevance with Gen Z Consumer Essentials

Self-discovery isn’t slowing down as Gen Z ages into adulthood. Race, gender and sexuality are all increasing in importance as part of their sense of identity. Learn more about Gen Z Americans’ unique perspectives and motivations.

Products & Services

Use culture to connect efficiently and effectively across segments

Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, bilingual Qualitative and Quantitative research teams.

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